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Four Thieves - Aromatherapy Roll-On (10ml)


We took a page out of history when we formulated our Four Thieves blend. As the story goes, perfume and spice merchants from the Middle Ages in France used their knowledge to concoct a potion of oils that would protect them from contracting the Bubonic Plague. This allowed them to enter homes and grave sites of people who had passed from the disease so they could steal their possessions.

Today, this blend is used in a very similar way to help protect and fight against illness (not to rob our neighbors). When used in a diffuser, it can clean the air of pathogens which can lead to respiratory infections and other forms of illness. When used topically it can clear the skin of inflammations as well as help clear congestions, aches and pains. This essential oil blend is a staple during the winter months to protect our homes and protect ourselves from getting sick.