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Butterfly Pea Flower (94g)


Butterfly Pea Flower Powder also known as Blue Matcha, is made from Butterfly Pea Flowers that are hand picked and then finely ground and dried.

Did you know that each pound of butterfly pea flower powder takes about 15 hours to produce?

Butterfly Pea Flower powder is commonly used as a natural dye in food and drinks as it has the ability to change colour from blue to purple or even pink depending on what it is mixed with.

In addition to the above, Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is highly medicinal.

Some of the health benefits include:

- Rich in anthocyanin.
- May help promote weight loss.
- Has been studied to help stabilize blood sugar levels.
- High in antioxidants.
- Supports skin and hair health.

Makes an excellent addition to your morning smoothie or afternoon elixir blend.