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ENERGIZE Now - Organic Cordyceps 8:1 Extract Capsules


Powered by mushrooms! ENERGIZE Now Cordyceps Capsules are Mother Nature’s all-natural performance enhancers!

ENERGIZE Now Cordyceps capsules are made from an organic 8:1 extract of whole fruiting body medicinal mushrooms. They were designed by Mother Nature to improve lung capacity and enhance blood flow. Cordyceps capsules are used by many athletes to conveniently boost energy, improve stamina, and increase endurance without caffeine or other addictive chemical stimulants. Clinical trials have shown that prolonged use of cordyceps mushroom extract decreases physical fatigue by increasing ATP (the main energy currency in our cells) making them ideal for athletes before working out or for anyone looking to improve respiratory function. Recent research also shows that cordyceps supplements can reduce inflammation and support healthy libido in both men and women. Health Canada NPN - 80108578


  • THE MOMENT - If you’ve been feeling flat, fatigued, burnt out and tempted to consume more caffeine than you should in a day, this is the moment for cordyceps to get you flowing again!
  • WHOLE FRUITING BODY - 8:1 extract for maximum bioavailability of beneficial compounds (no grains or growing substrate)
  • THERAPEUTIC POTENCY - 8000mg quantity crude equivalent in just 2 organic certified vegan capsules with verified beta-d-glucans (32%), adenosine (.27%), and cordycepin (.24%)
  • PLANET POSITIVE REFILL SYSTEM - 60 vegan capsules come in an infinitely reusable glass jar with metal lid - order a 100% home compostable refill pouch when you’re ready for more. Refill. Reuse. Reduce. Repeat. Zero plastic and ZERO WASTE!