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Herbal Apothecary - Lethbridge, Alberta
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California (120ml)


This iconic state is where our story begins. Its endless summer days and expansive ocean views challenged us to dream bigger. We asked ourselves, what would life look like without limitations? This adventure was the inspiration behind Active Humans and our best selling deodorant duo.

Sea salt and Vanilla Coconut embodies the quintessential west coast lifestyle and everything nostalgic about the golden state. Take your time and enjoy the essence of California dreaming.

Aluminum-free | baking soda-free | paraben-free | phthalate-free | sulfate-free | fragrance-free

How to use:

Use 2 - 3 sprays per clean underarm. Try our deodorant as a body spray, perfume, room refresher or wherever else may need a scented pick-me-up.