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Arewa Baobab


Baobab superfruit comes from Africa's 'Tree of Life', the Baobab tree (Adansonia digitata). The fruit pulp naturally dries in the fruit pods where farmers in Nigeria  harvest and sieve to produce our Arewa Baobab Superfruit Powder. Baobab powder is nutrient dense and boasts an array of nutritional benefits, including:

Arewa Baobab Superfruit Powder comes from the naturally dried fruit pulp of ripe Baobab fruits sustainably harvested by local farmers in Nigeria. 

Benefits of Baobab Superfruit Powder include:

  • More Vitamin C than Oranges (single dose provides 33% of daily requirement)
  • More Antioxidants than any other whole fruit
  • Great source of Soluble Dietary Fibre
  • Excellent Source of Prebiotics (Promotes Healthy Gut)
  • Twice as much Calcium as milk
  • More Potassium than Bananas
  • Excellent source of Vitamins B1 and B6, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese
  • One of the highest alkaline foods with a PRAL rating of -52
  • Bioavailable micronutrients
  • RAW, Dairy-free, Gluten-free

Arewa Baobab Superfruit Powder has a sweet and tart citrussy taste, similar to the African Velvet Tamarind fruit. 

The uses of Arewa Baobab Superfruit Powder are endless. You can choose to use our Baobab fruit powder and customize it to fit your dietary need, requirement or preference.

To enjoy the benefits of our immune-boosting and nutrient-dense Arewa Baobab Superfruit Powder, we recommend using as follows:

  • Blend into fruit and vegetable smoothies.

  • Add to pre- and post- workout shakes as it contains essential electrolytes like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

  • Sprinkle onto breakfast cereals, oatmeal, custards, puddings, yogurt, pancakes, waffles.

  • Bake into muffins, bread, tarts, bagels, cakes, brownies, cookies, health bars.

  • Add to  frozen popsicles, ice-cream, sauces, stews, soups, marinades, jams, pies, salad dressings, dips.

  • Stir into water, fruit juices, tea, nut and oat milk, and other hot or cold beverages.

  • Use as an ingredient in DIY beauty masks, scrubs and balms.