Collection: Honestly pHfresh

We make effective, all-natural deodorant that won’t irritate your skin. And You?

You: Don’t compromise. Especially when it comes to your body and health. And when it comes to your deodorant? Not a chance. Technology is moving pretty fast (just look at those snapchat filters), so why would you settle for a product that only gets it half right? You want something that actually works, isn’t loaded with harmful chemicals, and doesn’t leave your pits red and irritated for days on end. Sound about right? Then we’re so glad you found us.

We’re Honestly pHresh: And we’re like you. We don’t believe in skincare tradeoffs. And with a name like Honestly pHresh, you can bet that we’re not playing around when it comes to our products. We’re as transparent as our deodorant on your skin. Thoughtfully formulated, without a scant of baking soda to irritate your pits, loaded with all of the good stuff, including prebiotics, minerals and Fair Trade ingredients, we’re that deodorant in the rough you’ve been looking for.