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Vichy Catalan - Natural Sparkling Water (1L)

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Vichy Catalan Sparkling Mineral Water.
The best-known mineral water from Spain, Vichy Catalan has very high mineral content, natural carbonation, and an almost neutral pH.
Archaeological evidence suggests that the area near Caldes de Malavella has had a human population since prehistoric times. The many local sources of effervescent, thermal water were likely a major attraction. Both springs draw from a single aquifer, although each water emerges with a slightly different composition. Vichy Catalan water was first bottled in 1889, and an influx of visitors led to the construction of a spa soon after. Water and carbon dioxide gas are harvested separately from the source, after the water has cooled the gas is added back in.
Vichy Catalan is unlike any other sparkling mineral water. With an unheard TDS level of just over 3,000 this sparkling mineral water is worth its weight in gold.
As seen on @zacdowntoearth on @netflixca @netflix with @zacefron this naturally sparkling mineral water has a high mineral content and a distinct taste.
It is unlike any other sparkling mineral water, and compliments certain cuisines perfectly! 💧
This water is rich in minerals from the heart of the earth, which has also been shown to lower cholesterol, thus benefitting the heart.
The health benefits are endless thanks to its high mineral content where it contains 27 out of the 34 minerals that are essential to maintaining good health.
“Where water is more than just water, it’s medicine.”