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Shroomeats® Balls


Shroomeats® Balls is a fan favorite for parties or a quick snack! Use in pastas, soups, curries, hors d'oeuvres - the possibilities are endless.

Shroomeats is plant-based with no cholesterol, naturally low fat, complete protein, 6 ingredients you can read & pronounce and tastes delicious! Less saturated fat than beef and more simple ingredients than Beyond Meat. Eat Shamelessly.

Product Details:

Pack Size: 8.8oz 

Serving Size: 5 balls / 4 servings total

Keep refrigerated after opening for up to 7 days

Vegan • Gluten-Free • Soy-Free   • All Natural

Ingredients: Shiitake mushroom, pea protein, sunflower oil, salt, pepper, potato flour