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Passion Fruit Oolong (10oz)

Passion Fruit Oolong (10oz)

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A revitalizing dose of bright tropical flavour and vitamin C from passion fruit and sea buckthorn berry juice balanced by the creamy and herbal notes of oolong tea for a smooth-drinking apple cider vinegar inspired by a morning glass of orange juice.

Flavour + Function
Sea Buckthorn berries are known for their high vitamin C content and immune-boosting properties.

✓ Has Living "Mother"
✓ Raw + Unfiltered
✓ Gut Happy
✓ Immune Boosting
✓ Antioxidants

  • Ingredients
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Living Apple Cider Vinegar, Amber Honey, Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate, Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Juice, Spring of Four Seasons Oolong Tea, Curacao Orange Peel
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