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Make It Vegan


In her new book, Make it Vegan: From Quick & Easy to Deep Fried & Delicious, Ashley Hankins shows you how to make mouthwatering plant-based versions of many favorite comfort foods that traditionally feature meat, eggs, and/or cheese. Her recipes use simple, easy-to-find ingredients and a range of creative meat, egg, and dairy substitutes so you never have to sacrifice on the flavors and textures you know and love.

The recipes in Make It Vegan closely mimics the familiar tastes of their non-vegan counterparts, but these meatless meals are packed with all of the benefits that come from a plant-based diet. Ashley features 75 recipes that are infused with flavors from her life experiences, including Mexican-inspired dishes and down-home Louisiana indulgences.

Make It Vegan has something for everyone; even kids and meat-eaters are sure to find new favorites among these dishes. Sample Recipes Include:

  • Cheddar-Jalapeno Biscuits & Chorizo Gravy
  • Monte Cristo French Toast
  • Nachos Al Pastor
  • BBQ Chick'n Salad
  • Hearty Hamburger Soup
  • Meatball Banh Mi
  • Pesto Linguine with Seared "Scallops"
  • Beefy Skillet Cobbler
  • Chili Verde Enchiladas