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Magik Tea (2oz)


Mother Nature's Most Magical Tea

Palo azul means "blue stick", and it gets its name because the bark of the plant is used to brew an incredible blue fluorescent tea! Palo azul's fluorescence is caused by flavonoids, which are polyphenols that plants produce to defend themselves from stress.

These fluorescent flavonoids which make palo azul tea blue, are also what make it healthy. Mother Nature truly had perfection in mind when it created this magical tea!

Life's Too Short for Average

When you see palo azul in person, you’ll see that this isn’t just any truly is a magical tea. And once you experience palo azul, tea will never be the same again!

We believe that life's too short for average, so if we're going to drink tea, we might as well drink the most magical tea in the world!

Key for Health