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Herbal Apothecary - Lethbridge, Alberta
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Forest Blend (20g)


A premium blend of the best mushrooms that the season has to offer. Unlike other mushroom mixes, Untamed Feast’s Forest Blend is truly wild and from the forest. Tonnes of colors, flavours, and textutres. No cheap fillers and no varieties that are farmed or grown. Create an exceptional soup, risotto, pasta, or meat pairing from our Forest Blend.

20g or more. Non-perishable.

Package comes with a booklet of recipes inside


Wild Mushrooms including but not limited to: porcini, morel, lobster, chanterelle, pine, hedgehog. (boletus edulis, hypomyces lactifluorum, morchella conica, cantharellus cibarius, tricholoma magnivelare).