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Coffee Chaga Maple (10oz)

Coffee Chaga Maple (10oz)

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An energizing drinking vinegar that marries the depth of dark roasted cold brew coffee and sweetness of pure maple syrup with the functional benefits of foraged Chaga mushrooms and raw apple cider vinegar. Not to brag, but no cup of coffee can compete.

Flavour + Function
Chaga is an adaptogen packed with antioxidants that has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and lower cholesterol.

✓ Has Living "Mother"
✓ Raw + Unfiltered
✓ Gut Happy
✓ Supports Brain Health
✓ Adaptogens

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Living Apple Cider Vinegar,Living Balsamic Vinegar, Pure Maple Syrup, Dark Roast Coffee Beans, Foraged Canadian Chaga Mushrooms
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