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Boost is the ultimate addition to your plant care routine! Use it whenever your plant is putting out lots of new growth as well as to encourage blooming of flowering plants and root growth after repotting. 

  • Sustains and helps develop healthy new leaves and roots
  • Made with 100% organic hydrolyzed fish
  • Designed, packaged, and shipped from Canada
  • Makes up to 30 litres of fertilizer
  • Measured glass dropper
  • 2,4,0.5

Plant Vitamins BOOST Instructions


Mix 5ml of BOOST to every 1 litre of water and add a splash to your plants after watering. Only use up to 1 cup of fertilizer per plant.

Use BOOST in times of new growth, to promote flowering, and before/after repotting. BOOST will ensure you have healthy vibrant new growth and support your plants root system development.