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Nuisance Sparkling Botanicals

Nuisance Sparkling Botanicals

Our story

Nuisance was born in the depth of the Cotswolds whilst mother and son (founder Hugo) spent their summers together in the great British countryside; picking stinging nettles in order to create a delicious and refreshing nettle cordial. Years later, Hugo, now in Edinburgh, launched Nuisance in order to champion and celebrate the great outdoors and the ingredients so often found on our doorstep; creating premium, botanical-based soda mixers.

Whilst growth in premium tonics has escalated, we noticed a space for intriguing and unique botanical-based sodas; offering alternatives to the tonic market whilst also providing premium and exciting alcohol-free options.

Nuisance Drinks create premium, sparkling botanical sodas that celebrate the wild side of nature. Inspired by the great outdoors and founder Hugo’s family recipe, Nuisance set out to champion the unsung heroes in nature - turning hedgerow botanicals, often considered a nuisance, into daringly delicious drinks for your taste buds to explore. Exciting and original flavour combinations that are refreshingly good, with no stings attached!

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