Collection: Kindroot

plants know so many things.

and nature? oh, she knows a thing or two. together they teach us how to take root. how to grow against the odds. how to keep stretching for that sun…

and at the root of it all,

how to be sweet to ourselves, so we can actually be sweet to everyone else. just a little wisdom from mother nature and magical plants a.k.a. adaptogenic herbs.

root for yourself. every. day.

because the most magical plants really do thrive in less-than-ideal places. like us, they adapt and learn to grow. so let’s take root. let’s take a breath. release... and then reset.

“stress cough stress” - me

childhood immunity issues and workplace stress have been side by side with me since I can remember. and boring supplements or lozenges loaded with irritants? they hadn’t changed. so after a few travel mishaps with messy supplement powders, capsules that felt like a chore ... and after one too many crackly cough drops, it clicked! i saw a world where i could create a supplement that people would actually look forward to taking. so i became an herbalist apprentice and today, together with one gem of a team, we bring you a line of functional lozenges to help balance all things stress and have some fun along the way.

alisa p., founder + ceo