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Herbal Apothecary - Lethbridge, Alberta
Welcome to The Herbal Apothecary!


Welcome to Mother Nature's Farmacy™

Open your medicine cabinet. What do you see? Likely products with ingredients we would never allow in our pantries, but we accept their place in medicine. It’s time to ditch the pharmacy for the farmacy.

Meet Apothékary, the world's first plant-based farmacy getting to the root cause of our health issues, not just treating the symptom. We prefer plants over pills, and we think you will too. Our goal, always, is to keep toxins out, not bring them in, and we believe that through our plant-based medicine we have the ability to unite the mind, body and soul into balance.

Founded by a Wall-Street refugee and lifelong wellness entrepreneur, Shizu Okusa, our roots lie in her mental and physical healing journey with Ayurveda, TCM and Japanese Kampo Medicine, rooted in over 5,000 years of science and tradition.

  • $36.99

    Follow Your Gut™

    Follow Your Gut is an adaptogen-infused golden blend containing the anti-inflammatory Turmeric and anti-viral Astragalus as a base, with stress red...

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  • $35.99

    Glow Getter™

    One of the major factors in rapid aging and the deterioration of our skin is inflammation. While the sun in small doses is healthy (#vitamind), too...

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  • $34.99

    Sea Buckthorn

    Sea Buckthorn is a deciduous shrub from Europe, and its small orange berry known as the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas”. It is the world’s richest so...

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