Which microgreen is the most nutritious...Drum roll, please!

Which microgreen is the most nutritious...Drum roll, please!

Which microgreen is the most nutritious...Drum roll, please!

Most of us are beginning to realize that microgreens are extremely nutritious and a great addition to our diet. As of lately, it seems that nutrition and healthy eating is playing more of an important role in our lives than it ever has before. Just take a minute and think about how many different diets, structured eating plans, eating combinations, and nutrition pills are out there, and it becomes quite clear we are becoming obsessed.


Especially now, it seems to be a growing trend that more and more of us want to know where our food comes from and how it’s grown. Let’s call it a farm to table movement! We have been bombarded with veggies at the grocery store that are being grown in massive amounts of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Veggies being grown in a completely different continent and having to travel miles and miles before reaching the grocery store, only to sit on a shelf until it is bought, depleted of nutrients. It’s no wonder we are starving for nutrition and searching for the healthiest things to eat. We want more bang for our buck, hello!

That is why so many of us have turned to eating locally grown microgreens. We know how they are being grown because we can talk directly to the grower. Locally grown usually means you get to eat it the same day it is harvested, bonus! And micros are packed with high density nutrition. even more so than its adult veggie version, sometimes up to 40 x’s more nutritious.

So, which out of all the microgreens, is the most nutritious to eat? I still get asked this a lot when selling at the outdoor market. If you take a little stroll through the internet, you will get an overload of information telling you this microgreen is really high in this, and that microgreen is really high in that, etc. And the truth is,

The most nutritious microgreen is the one you actually eat! Can I get a Kale, Yeah!!

Let’s be honest, if you eat it you are doing a lot better than if you didn’t eat it, so does it really matter which one it is? Besides, why get stuck on just one microgreen just because you might think it has something more, when all of them have so much to offer. So happy together!

To wrap it all up: “romaine calm and carrot on”, eat microgreens “8 days a leek”, and “lettuce all do our best”!

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