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What The Heck Are Liposomal Supplements?

What The Heck Are Liposomal Supplements?

What The Heck Are Liposomals?

Liposomals are an advanced form of supplement and drug delivery that allows nutrients to be absorbed by your body more effectively than many other delivery methods. Nutrients are contained inside microscopic fat-like particles (called phospholipid bilayers). This form is typically easier for the body to absorb and allows for more of the supplement to get to specific cells or areas of the body. Think of liposomes as little bubbles that protect nutrients as they move through your digestive tract, ensuring that your body absorbs the full dose of the product.

According to this study published in the journal Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, the advantages of Liposomal delivery include:

+ High bioavailability and absorption compared with other oral forms of supplements.
+ Noninvasive; avoids pain and discomfort associated with injections and decreases the contamination risk.
+ Micronized encapsulation protects against the harsh environment of the GI tract and increases transmucosal (oral) uptake and absorption.
+ Increased intracellular delivery.
+ Ideal for those for whom swallowing a tablet is not possible.

+ Cost effective by being able to take a lower dose for the same effect. 

How Your Body Really Absorbs Supplements…

Let’s review the basic on how the body absorbs supplements and nutrients in the first place.

Our stomach is full of acid that breaks down food particles. As food progresses through the digestive tract, it encounters substances like bile and gut microbiota that break it down into component particles. These chemical processes cause us to lose significant amounts of nutrients through the process of digestion.⁣

Liposomes can partially bypass the digestive system, as the lipid structure helps some of the liposomes’ content to survive stomach acid. Some of the liposomes’ nutrients are even absorbed directly through the mouth as you’re taking them.

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It's no wonder that we are obsessed with Cymbiotika's line of Liposomal Supplements! 

Some of our favourites include:



Magnesium L-Threonate

Vitamin C

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