Those greens are rabbit food!

Those greens are rabbit food!

Those greens are rabbit food!

We've been selling our microgreens at the local outdoor market every weekend and, without fail, there is always someone who looks over at our table and says,"That's rabbit food, I don't eat rabbit food!"

It makes me laugh and I think, "If by rabbit food, then you mean those raw veggies rabbits are often found munching on, that have all those important nutrients to help keep their bodies healthy? Just like we need those same important nutrients found in those same veggies that we should be munching on to keep our bodies healthy?" Someone say "touche"?!

This thought started to take me down the rabbit hole (no pun intended). If we eat healthy, nutritious food such as microgreens (a.k.a tiny vegetables) to keep our bodies healthy and happy, then would we not want to feed the same to our pet rabbits...or cats or dogs, etc. to keep their bodies healthy and happy? It's a mind twister, I know! But it's true, we love our little fur balls and want them to stay healthy, so why not be feeding them a little healthier than maybe we have been.

That includes microgreens for our pets!

For the most part, whatever veggie can be grown and consumed as a microgreen for us can likewise be consumed by our pets. But the best, and most popular one, is wheat grass, sometimes referred to as "Pet Grass".

We've all seen our dogs, from time to time, out in the lawn munching away and they do it for several reasons. One could be a certain number of nutrients or enzymes missing from their diets and their bodies are instinctively searching for a supplement. Or, maybe they are needing a boost to their digestive track and the fibrous grass is needed to either get things going or get things flowing.


Cats aren't much different. They too love the fiber they get from grass and eat it instinctively for the nutrients and enzymes. They also get a lot of mental stimulation when they munch away on wheat grass. Clever cats!


However, our lawns are full of fertilizer, chemicals, pesticides, and weed killers that are extremely unhealthy and dangerous for our pets if they eat it.


That's why giving your dog or cat a healthy and regular dose of wheat grass microgreens is the perfect addition to their diet and will still let them act on their natural instincts, but in a much safer way.

Here's a couple ways you can give it to them:


Fast food-Add some grass clipping to their food bowl with their regular kibble at meal times so they can eat it and go.

Play with your food-Set live wheat grass next to their water bowl or where they like to hang out allowing them to act on the natural forage instinct and play as they munch.


Urban Micros can offer you both pre-cut wheat grass and live wheat grass so all of your little fur babies can stay healthy and happy!

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