Introduction to Microgreens

Introduction to Microgreens

Introduction to Microgreens

If you aren't already in the microgreen scene it's time to get you on board! Let's talk about what they are and why you want them to be part of your everyday diet.

Micro means mini, right?


Yes, see you are getting it already! A microgreen is essentially a mini version of a mature vegetable or "green". The only difference is the seeds are planted in high density and only grown to a few inches before harvesting. This growing process is what creates all those beautiful and lush trays you see getting posted all over social media. And if you think you've never seen or heard of a microgreen until recently, I guarantee you have and just didn't know it. Anyone love alfalfa sprouts in your sandwich or pita? Microgreens! How about wheatgrass? Microgreens again! They've been around for a long time but are only now becoming popular because of all the different varieties being available to grow and enjoy.


Why should I eat microgreens over the fully grown version of the vegetable?


There are quite a few reasons actually the first reason being the most obvious. They are so cute! Who can resist those adorable, tender, sweet little leaves? They are so cute I could just eat them up! Literally.


Which, speaking of eating, brings me to the second reason, flavour and aroma. When things are new and young they are innocent, pure, and deeply true to what they are. They haven't yet developed a bitter and tough side to them and become only a hint of their former self. The aromatics and flavours of microgreens are intense and brilliantly fresh that when you eat them you are immediately blown away knowing, "that's what a radish is supposed to taste like" or, "those pea shoots taste like the best peas I've ever eaten!" And consistency is always there every time you eat them.


And finally, the third reason being that microgreens are incredible nutrient dense, in some cases 40 x's more dense than it's adult counterpart. Wow, talk about getting bang for your buck! If you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle and put good food into your body, how can you not make microgreens part of your everyday diet? With all those nutrients and intensities, microgreens can also have amazing medicinal properties, which makes them an A+ in our books!


In a nutshell, that's what microgreens are and 3 great reasons to eat them. Now, go give your body a boost and your taste buds some joy and go get yourself some microgreens.

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