Getting the mileage out of your microgreens

Getting the mileage out of your microgreens

Getting the mileage out of your microgreens

We love having microgreens handy in the kitchen at all times because of their versatility and of course, flavour! Sometimes, we have so many different varieties hanging out in the fridge all at once, waiting to be used, we forget what we put in there... and when. Not to be dramatic, but it's sad when one doesn't get used before it has wilted away never to reach its final shining moment. Rarely does that ever happen to us, being the microgreen junkies that we are, but we don't want that to be the case for you. Having your microgreens be just as fresh and delicious and ready to use as when you first bought them is the name of the game here. We have a few tips that will ensure your Urban Micros microgreens will go the distance and won't wilt out before they reach the finish line.


Keep Cool

Microgreens need to stay cool so get them into the fridge and keep them there. The cooler they are they longer their life preserves.


Sunlight, Not So Much

Even though they were soaking up sunlight like there was no tomorrow when they were growing, after they get harvested they need to keep it made in the shade. Some varieties can change their appearance and taste in a not so good way if exposed to sunlight after harvest.

Give Them a Gentle Touch

Although they say microgreens are tiny but mighty, that wasn't meant as literally! They tend to be on the more delicate side and can bruise easily if handled too much, especially when washing. Be gentle with them, they are precious!


We Don't Like the Word Moist, So Why Should Microgreens Be Any Different?

It's all about the humidity. That means keeping your microgreens in that sweet spot of just enough humidity to keep them from drying out, but not so much that they turn soggy. That's why we recommend keeping them in the container they came in and only washing when you use them. If you want to go the extra mile for your microgreen, take a very lightly damp paper towel, wrap your microgreens in it, then place them back in your plant based container, and then what? You got it, back in the fridge!!



You have passed the "Microgreens home care course" and are now ready to purchase Urban Micros microgreens and care for them in your home. However, if you ended up eating them in the car before you make it home, don't get discouraged! Our microgreens are always readily available for purchase and we can locally deliver them to you so you can have to opportunity to use your training. Happy munching!

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